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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Daddy E.A Adeboye IRAPADA story

A true IRAPADA (Redemption) story is based on an encounter with the King of Glory. The Redeemed Christian Church of God was birth out of the vision of IRAPADA.

Papa Akindayomi (the founder) had a dream in which the words ‘Ijo Irapada ti Olorun’ were revealed to him. When he woke up he wrote this down. Pa Akindayomi showed this to Mr Olonade an educated member of the Church who translated the words to ‘The Redeemed Christian Church of God’. Pa Akindayomi came to the conclusion that God had revealed the name of the Church. God told Pa Akindayomi that He would provide for the Church. God also told him that the Church RCCG would be unique becoming a model for other Churches and that the Church would spread to the ends of the earth. One of the objectives of the Church as documented by Pa Akindayomi and the other Elders of the Church is to evangelise and establish Churches throughout the world. It is this vision that is translated into what we are seeing today.
Perhaps the greatest achievement of Pa Josiah was in choosing his successor in the person of E.A. Adeboye who joined the Church in 1973 and later became Pa Josiah’s interpreter.

One of Papa Adeboye’s visions when he became the leader of the Church was to plant a Church of the RCCG within five minutes walking or driving distance of every home worldwide. This vision has become the driving force within RCCG and this is why they are one of the fastest and the largest growing Church denominations in Nigeria.

Be there, add the date 25th August 2017 to your calendar and clear all appointments because you wouldn't want to miss IRAPADA.
The largest number of traditional worshippers and praisers.
The venue is Omitoro town hall, Omitoro, Ijede Elepe road Ikorodu. 9pm Prompt.

Strictly Traditional, Powered by the Holy Spirit.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Travis Greene Visits Ikorodu for IRAPADA

The organisers of the event has acknowledged that it would have been Grace for Grace, witnessing a Travis Greene minister at the IRAPADA event, when KISS asked the Host, Pastor Joshua Okpara (Pastor in charge of RCCG PECULIAR PEOPLE CHURCH YAYC and Assistant Provincial Youth Pastor LP63 Hqs RCCG), he declared humbly that God uses vessels and IRAPADA Which means the Redemption is an event that is specifically designed to save souls and Celebrate the salvation of souls.

How ever, this year's event will hold at OMITORO TOWN HALL OMITORO IJEDE-ELEPE ROAD IKORODU LAGOS, AUGUST 25TH by 9pm.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


All living organisms are classified into groups based on their basic and shared characteristics. Organisms within each group are then further divided into smaller groups which makes it easier for them to be studied. This obviously mean that they all have an origination, they all have a source that can tell us who they are and how they existed. And everything that comes into being will surely go out of being.

Don't be alarmed, this isn't a Science class but to help in further understanding what we'll be discussing.

God introduced Himself to Moses as I Am that I Am or as other Bible versions put it as I Am who I Am. God's absolute being means He never had a beginning, He just is.  The word 'Am' is an inflection of 'Be' meaning to exist. Notice God said 'I Am' making Him present.  The question I would have asked if in Moses' shoes was 'I Am What/ Who exactly?'

Along the years we've been able to put in words as to who He is during certain times of our lives. If God had said 'I Am King' it will mean He is the King and He wouldn't be more than a King, but I Am Who I Am gives us a space to add who He is because He didn't specifically tell us who exactly He is.

It's similar when asked the name of a certain individual, and the reply turns out to be 'My name is Steve,' meaning He's been defined as that name and He can't bear the name John because it's not who he is neither can he be more than Steve.  But God just said I Am...

Now it's left for us to fill in the blanks. Whenever you are faced with difficulties or challenges you call unto the I AM THAT I AM and at that moment He becomes who you want Him to be. He could be your provider at that moment, your Mighty God in battle, your deliverer, your helper, your King, your Savior and the list can go on and on. He can be what and who you need at that moment because He Is Who He Is. He is Who you want Him to mean to you.

He is present, He exists, His throne is everlasting, I Am who I Am, meaning He is not dependent on anything or anyone to bring Him into being or support His existence. He is not limited and He exists till eternity.

I AM     The Help you Need.
              The Love you Seek
              The Care you Want
              The Life you Want
              The Health you Need
              The Breath of Life
              The Bread of Life
              The Shield in your Battle
              The Wealth you Desire
              The Confidence you Seek
              The Fulfilment you Seek
              The Satisfaction you Need
              The Wisdom you Want

It goes on and on because He is Who He Is, all through the Scriptures we see WHO HE IS. It is assuring to know that He can still do the same Miracles and He still remain the Same because He doesn't grow old or out of form. As generations come and go He REMAINS I AM THAT I AM. Now we know why He's called the Ancient of days, because He is Eternal.

No matter what you might be facing wake up each morning knowing I AM THAT I AM is by your side. He has done it in times past and He'll keep doing it.

Isn't it Awesome!

Monday, December 26, 2016


We are celebrating the birth of a King, not just any King but the King of kings. Was Jesus born on the 25th? Why do we celebrate His birth if He wasn't born on the 25th? Well I don't know about you but a King left His heavenly throne and came down to this lowly world just to save you and I, He left all He had so as to show us the Way, the Truth and give us Life. I don't know about you but I think it's worth celebrating.

 Who cares if He was born on the 25th, we are just glad He was born and that is the most important reason for the Celebration. Not every King can give up His throne for His subjects, not every King can dress as his subject, eat their food and be like them.

So let's not join in profane and vain blabbing debate as to when Jesus was born but to keep the Celebrant in mind; Jesus. It's always been all about Him, so celebrate the King.
His birth brought Life, His birth brought Hope, His birth brought reconciliation, His birth brought Redemption, His birth is a prove of Love from the Father, His birth gave us victory, His birth brought about a Change, the change the devil was scared of; so scared he killed thousands just to get to a baby. His birth brought pe peace and joy.

A child was born, a Son was given to us and the government and every authority rests on his shoulders.

He is the Reason for the Season.

Compliments of the Season

Friday, December 2, 2016


In Exodus 5:6-9 Pharaoh saw that the Israelites were less busy that was why they could demand for freedom to worship their God and offer sacrifices to Him. Pharaoh did something, he kept the Israelites busy, he kept them so occupied to make them forget serving their God. They'll be too busy to demand for freedom.
Pharaoh had the power, he ruled over them he knew what would have happened if the Israelites gained their freedom, that was why he kept them busy; the same way the devil keeps certain Christians busy.

Been busy is been occupied with activities or business, it could be busy with someone else's activity, been preoccupied or engaging with some else's purpose and vision.

How are Christians kept busy? What keeps them busy? Who keeps them busy? 

This being called the devil has exists for thousands of years, he is cunning with worldly wisdom and therefore should not be under estimated but be resisted. He is aware of how the mind of man works and has strategically placed certain things that will capture man's heart. One of his primary aim is to separate God's children from their Creator, and one of the tactics he uses is by keeping them busy.

There are different methods the devil uses in keeping Christians busy even in the house of God. That was the busy nature Martha had while Jesus was present. Even in the presence of God you see Christians too occupied with works in the name of 'service'. Mary knew the 'work' could wait but the presence of the Lord is of utmost importance to her. Certain Christians are busy with how melodious their voices sound rather than the one who receives the worship, they are too busy been religious rather than having an intimate relationship with their Creator. Christians in the body of Christ are busy with positions and titles just like the Pharisees, forgetting they are only temporary. Little wonder why Apostle Paul cajoled us to fix our eyes on things not of this earth which are only temporary, but to fix our eyes on heavenly things which is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18).

The devil is very much aware of these things and every year more posts and positions are created in the body of Christ to keep Christians busy with 'works' they forget 'the walk'. They forget the reason for their services. Jesus Christ called such Christians 'workers of iniquity' (Luke 13:27). You can't serve or offer service to a God you don't love, or don't know. God isn't asking you to be religious but to reestablish a relationship with Him and make your services acceptable.

Don't be too engrossed in your service to God you neglect your walk with Him, in other words don't be too 'busy' with activities in church you ignore your relationship with God, you start postponing your time with Him and thereby redrawing from His presence.
God wants every of His Children to be a child after His heart, to have such intimacy David had with God. He doesn't want you to come chat with Him once in a week in your Sunday best but to have that intimate relationship with Him. He's more concerned with the attitudes of your heart than the environment or the conditions in which you live.

Another way the devil keeps a Christian busy is by supplying you with a purpose and convincing you that it's the right purpose. You see certain Christians who ventured in businesses or careers that isn't God's plan for them. Their businesses takes away God's time from their lives because they are too busy keeping up with their own purpose or the one the devil has assigned to them. Their main purpose is to attain certain heights in life thereby making God a little part in their lives. If you don't find your God given purpose the devil assigns one to you by keeping you preoccupied.

Idolatry is replacing God with something else. God is a jealous God, He won't tolerate anything that replaces Him or removes your trust and affection from Him. That is the reason why He didn't create you to give you a job that makes you too busy for Him. Everyone has a purpose and walking in God's purpose and plan for your lives cannot separate you from Him instead it brings glory to Him.

You are created to fulfil the plan God has predestined for you. God doesn't create then wonders what to do with what He has created. He decides what he wants before He starts in the process of getting it. Therefore He couldn't have created you to separate you from Him, He created you to bring glory to His name. God has already laid down the plans, the purpose before commencing with the job. The reason your job makes you too busy is because you haven't found God's purpose for your life. And even if you know God's purpose and you are trying to live it out, the devil will find ways to slow or detour your progress.

Not everyone is meant to be a doctor, a lawyer, an evangelist or working in an office. Whenever we choose not to acknowledge God and His foreordained desires for our lives we open ourselves to the influence of the evil one, the devil.
For the devil knows what God intends for our lives and he'll do anything to keep us from accomplishing it, he'll keep us busy with other plans we forget God's plan for our lives.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Leaders Are Servants

[NIV] Matthew 23:11 The greatest among you will be your servant.

Why would Jesus Christ tell his disciples that before they can be great, they must be servants? In this passage, He was speaking to His disciples about humility. The Pharisees and similar religious leaders serve as examples of those who loved to broadcast their good deeds. They took pride in their public righteousness and often forgot that Jesus Christ warned to avoid practicing it in front of others. By doing so, they risked receiving a reward from their Heavenly Father.
It is unfortunate that "Christians" like these Pharisees still exist today. Jesus warned his disciples to be weary of those who expect praises from men and love to be honored with every passing opportunity. This type of leadership is usually not effective because they spend majority of their time protecting their status, instead of doing what is required of them.
Who is a servant? 
A servant is one that offers help to another person of some kind. The attitude of a servant was demonstrated through Christ Himself. Despite being the Son of God, He showed humility by washing the feet of His own disciples. Jesus Christ also stated that he did not come to be served but to serve. That is service and that is humility. Leaders who are servants view their leadership as an act of service.

Servant leadership is service to others. It is not about lobbying for a position, nor politicking for power. Instead it is about looking for opportunity to serve. Servant leaders avoid the limelight and serve in ways that often go unnoticed, such as taking out the trash or making the coffee at work. These acts do not have to be grand in order to be noticed by God, remember He searches the intent and content of man's heart, the little things we think might be too small to be noticed by Him are the things He actually takes note of. To be a Servant leader you must be ready to be criticized by the world, because you'll seize to do what they expect. No matter what Jesus Christ did, He was always critized by the Pharisees, the always wanted to make Him guilty, but Jesus wasn't a bit bothered by them, He went on with His purpose.He didn't love His life to please the Pharisees, He lived His life to please His Father. He was bent on been the King they wanted Him to be, He was more interested in the heavenly Kingdom and didn't care what the Pharisees thought about Him, so far He pleased His Father.

Any leader that is preoccupied with personal interests, protection of status, and preservation of positions, may not be a good ambassador of Christ. True leaders are those who strive to please the Lord through their lives with integrity. The Bible is full of great people who were exalted because of their humble hearts. David, Joseph, Solomon and Samuel are a few. They learned how to serve people and God. Even as kings, they were lowly at heart and were able to be used as a vessel of honor. 

To be great you must first learn how to serve in a humble manner. Jesus Christ said, those who humble themselves will be exalted and 1st Peter 5:5 tells us God opposes the proud. A person who is proud or has pride is indirectly contending with God and would therefore not be exalted. Jesus Christ served for the glory of God. His ultimate service was laying down His life in love. Even though the Son of God, He was always ready to offer Himself. Our Lord Jesus is a perfect example of a servant leader.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Amos 5:21-24, Hosea 6:6, Malachi 1:6-14, Isaiah 29:13, Matthew 15:8-9

All these passages and more from the Bible tells us how God isn't pleased when we offer sacrifices to Him and our hearts are far from Him. We say we are of God but we compromise with the world, we know His teachings and His ways but we are more focused on our works than our relationship with Him. This isn't a message for either the writer and the reader to look at areas they are good and ignore other areas, but to check ourselves and ask, 'Do I really honor God with my lips while my heart is far from Him?'

Our lips says one thing but our hearts says another. God is telling us it is enough. Enough 'trying' to look it when you are not, enough 'trying' to seem 'righteous', enough with been a 'Pharisee', enough with offering 'sacrifices', knowing Scriptures and teaching others about the Scripture but not living by it. It is time to rebuild our relationship with God and stop pleasing Him with words from our lips. Enough with been the hearer alone and not the doer of the Word. Enough with all the show and pretense, enough with living on your past relationship with God. Your past relationship with God cannot get you anywhere with God except apprasials from men; just like an expired visa won't get you into a country. Your current status will determine if you can move into a country or not, it’s all about the current status, that's what really matters.

The Scripture says blessed are they who do not only hear or listen to the Word but also Do ,meaning putting them into practice or action. (James 1: 22); this means there are people that are just listeners of the Word. It is time to start putting the Word of God we listen to into practice, it is time to start studying the Word to want to know God more and not to show to 'men' we know Scriptures. It is time to learn at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ and put His Word into practice. Enough with all the show, we've deceived people enough.

We may be able to decieve man and everyone around us but we definitely cannot deceive God; and you know who we can't decieve?  The devil. As the Lord sees what's been done in secret so also the devil and his demons sees those who really live by the Word of God. How do I know this? Ask the seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19: 14-16). They know those who are walking in The Truth, they also see what you do in closet. If not the demon won't have been able to recognize 'Paul' and not recognize them, the sons of Sceva wanted to do what Paul did but failed.

If you don't runaway from God in the closet, He won't disappoint you in the open. It is high time we stopped hiding under the cover of religious activities and start replacing it with our relationship with God. Take time to ask yourself this question and sincerely give yourself an answer, 'Why do I really study the Word? Is it to make people see I'm familiar with Scriptures or because I really want to know God and understand His ways?'

Our God prefers a heart who yearns after Him more than sacrifices, He wants us to know Him, He wants our lives to be an endless river of righteous living and not see knowing him or walking in His ways, as a 'pain'. He wants us to honor Him both with our hearts and lips and to stop with the pretense or with the 'sacrifices.'
The Bible says, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. (Matthew 5:6). Fulfilment does not come from works or sacrifices, it comes only from a genuine hunger and thirst for righteousness.

We need not to only study the Word, but believe the Word and Do the Word.

Are you pretending over your passion for God or do you genuinely love Him?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


[NIV] Hebrews 13:15 Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praisethe fruit of lips that openly profess his name.

The word through means passing from one side of an opening to the other. To go to the other side you have to walk pass the first opening. No wonder our Lord said, '[NIV] John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

The Bible has made us understand that Jesus is the only way to God. In time past, there were different ways that God used to reveal Himself to humanity. He spoke through dreams, or through supernatural happenings, but now God communicates with us through His son Jesus Christ. Everyone that seeks the Father finds Him through the Son.

To get to God you have to go through Jesus Christ, you cannot skip protocol. One cannot say they know God and they don't know Jesus Christ, you cannot claim to have a relationship with God and exclude Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the way, He is the door, He is the entrance, the path, the key, He is like a portal to another dimension. You need the key to open the door.
Jesus is the only way through which men can be saved. Everything that God has can be inherited only through the Son. There is no way you can deeply understand the character and nature of God except it is revealed through the Son.

Through the Son we understand God's love for us, His faithfulness, His goodness, patience, kindness etc. We see that the glory of the Father is shown in this world through the Son; through the Son, we know how righteous and holy the Father is. Now we see why Jesus Christ said, [NLT] John 14:13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.
Jesus Christ holds everything in His hands. He and His Father are one. That is why you cannot claim to know one and not know the other. Everything you do must come through Jesus Christ: prayers, Thanksgivings, requests, petitions etc. To be united with God or to have a glimpse of who He is you must first come to Jesus, you have to pass through Jesus Christ and when you pass through Christ you meet the Father because the Father and the Son is one and you become one with them.

[NLT] John 14:6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

A way is a direction, a road, a path from one place to another. And Jesus said He is the way. Have you asked yourself, the way to what? He is the way to the Father. He is the path to follow, He is the direction. Since Jesus said He is the way, it means anyone who think they have gotten to the Father leaving Jesus out of it is on the wrong path. Anyone who is pledging an allegiance to God without Jesus is on the wrong path. Jesus Christ is the way to many things, because the Father can do many things. Whatever it is you seek: job opportunity, school admission, marriage, fruit of the womb, peace of mind, genuine happiness, love, a stable home, whatever it is you are struggling with that you think there is no way out, I have a news flash for you, there is a way. You don't need to struggle alone. Jesus Christ is the way. Just take the road, take the path, take the Way and He will lead you to the right part!
Jesus Christ went further to say He is the truth. Truth reveals what is real, a deeper sense of something, Spiritual or genuine reality.  

When you come to Jesus Christ with a genuine heart, the veil that once covered your mind stopping you from believing in Christ will be removed. The sense of who you are will be revealed to you, you see how dirty you have been, you see how unworthy you have been. A deeper sense of Christ grace and salvation will be revealed to you, His light will shine in your heart and all you can see is your nakedness. Jesus Christ is the truth to everything, whatever it is that you want, whatever it is that confuses you; He is the Truth. Anything outside Christ is a lie, anything preached outside Christ is a lie, anything done outside Christ is a lie.

Any Christian living a life that is outside Christ is a pretender because He is the Truth and the Bible says, the Truth shall set you free. When you know the Truth about Christ, you'll know you are no longer under the bondage of sin, you won't be easily tossed by false doctrines, you won't be deceived by the devil. You want to find out more about Christ, you want to become firm in the word? Hold on to the Truth, study His Word.

Finally Jesus Christ said He is the Life. Life means having Life, that's it. Anything that doesn't have Life is dead and if Jesus Christ says He is the Life, this means anybody that is not living in Christ is dead. This also means that anybody that has not come to Christ is dead, and by dead I mean the person is living in sin or dwelling in sin which can lead to spiritual death. The Bible makes us to know that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). When a person encounters Jesus, He become a new a new person thus the new Life of Christ. He makes everything a fresh both physically and spiritually, there is a newsense of peace, joy, happiness, love of Christ in your heart and the more you let Him, the more He transforms you. That is why Apostle Paul said in

[NLT] 2 Corinthians 5:17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You cannot go to the Father except you go through Him. Why don't you give Him a chance and unlock a door to many opportunities.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Don't Live As A Slave

Everyone is in need of Redemption. Redemption has been giving to us but some Christians are still living as slaves, they don’t understand the price that has been paid for them; we underestimate the sacrifice God has made for us. Though we are but dust and worms, God did give His son for our- redemption, essentially God Himself, the maker of the universe, coming to be conceived in a human womb and to be born as human. Not only that, He subjected Himself to the limitations of man and was maltreated by His own creatures; all just for you and me not to perish in hell fire but to be with God forever.

It is pathetic to see Christians living in sin and leaving the case of redemption to unbelievers. Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price to redeem us back to God, He has freed us from being ransomed, and our debt has been paid off. He bought us out of the slave market; He didn’t purchase us for Himself as a slave but to free us. You may wonder what exactly Jesus freed us from. The Bible tells us that we are all slaves and no man is free, everybody in the world is a slave in their sinful nature. Another question to ask is who is the captor? Who has held everyone in bondage? 

John8:34 says “men are slaves to sin” Romans 7:14 says “men are sold under sin” Romans 7:23 “men are controlled by sin” Romans 8:21 says “In bondage to corruption” Who then or what is the captor of men? Sin, sin is. Sin is the captor that holds men down. Sin demands a price to be paid to release its victim. What is the price? Romans 6:23. The price or wage of sin is death; in order to purchase a person from sin there must be death. Hebrews 9:22 without death there is no remission of sin.

Sin is what Jesus Christ came to free us from, sin is what He came to deliver us from, and sin is what He bought us out from. His life was the debt that he used to pay off; he acquired us from sin so we don’t live a life of bondage, so we don’t live as slaves to sin. 

But we still see some Christians still living as slaves in a free market, John 8:34. So called Christians acting as an undercover, in church they showcase one personality at home or with friends they showcase another one. Some are even suffering from multiple personality disorder spiritually. Or what do you say about “Christians” that indulges in sexual immorality, adultery, jealousy, greed etc and refuses to repent from it. One sin that has been trivialized in modern times is lying.

Today the world has classified lies; you have lies that cannot hurt a fly, white lies, blue lies, heavy weight lies, feather weight lies, business lies, normal lies, ministerial lies etc. If you are a lover of lies, you are far from being righteous; you are living as a slave in a free market. Even if you keep away from every other sin but still tell lies you are on your way to hell. How do I know this? Revelations 21:8, Revelations 22:15. The Bible bluntly said all liars and all who love to live a lie, their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

Jesus Christ has paid everything for us to live above sin. Apostle Paul urged us to stay free and to stay above sin Galatians 5:1 because we have been redeemed. The world might tell you it is impossible, but the life that was given as a ransom for all will tell you it is possible. 

There are lots of benefits that comes with redemption but can only be received through genuine repentance and not by been tagged ‘a Christian or by going to church’. If you don’t repent you cannot experience redemption. Make up your mind today to start living above sin. It is a day-to-day battle of enforcement and resistance that will be “painful”. The flesh is not going to like your stance but you must let it know you are dead to it, you are no longer a slave to it, you’ve been set free and it cannot rule over you.

Make no provision for the flesh. You must not disgrace your buyer, a very high price has been paid for you, do not disappoint Him. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Irritate The Devil Today

[KJV] Psalms 22:3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

One lesson every believer must learn is that the devil can never repent. Hence we are not to joke with the devil. If you don't want to be devoured by the devil, you must resist him and all that he represents steadfastly. One of the ways the devil uses to entrap people is through music. It is a known fact that the devil loves music, he loves dangerous, perverse and distorted music. The day God made Lucifer who later became the devil, He built musical instruments into his body (Ezekiel 28:13). He was the choir master in heaven.

It's pathetic when you hear some so called Christians arguing against listening to 'wordly songs'. Trying to justify their actions, saying things like 'I just love the lyrics or there is nothing sexual about this song.' Jesus Christ Himself said in Matthew 6:24 there is no room for divided loyalty. 

[KJV] Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. 

Many Christians lose out in battle of life because they do not know who they are and the nature of fight they are involved in. You are not fighting against flesh and blood so don't be naive and complacent. The devil knows his strategy well. He is a dangerous enemy who doesn't get distracted, it is therefore imperative you fight against this enemy by resisting him and all he represents. 

God loves music too, irritate the devil today by singing beautiful songs of worship to the Lord. Let go of wordly music which adds no benefits to your life and replace them with gospel music. In Acts 16:25-34 Apostle Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns to God and provoked the unimaginable to happen. Apostle Paul also stated in Ephesians 5:18-19 for every believer to be filled with the Holy Spirit by singing Psalms and hymns. He understood the secret behind singing praises and filling your hearts and minds with songs to God. You provoke things to happen! 

That is what the devil doesn't want, he gets irritated because he knows whenever you praise God you are making God happy, he knows that whenever you praise God; the Almighty draws nigh to you (Psalm 22:3). Imagine if God is for you, can anyone stand against you? The more you sing praises to God, the more you irritate the devil because you remind him of his glorious past and his lost opportunity. 

Are you a child of God? You can live above the appearances of the devil and take dominon over your life. Take charge and be triumphant over life by the blood of the Lamb, prayer, the word of your testimony (your confessions and proclamations) and by singing praises to the Lord. Revelation 12:11. 

I remember the first time God used a man of God who is also my mentor to open my heart to the truth, after explaining so much and thanks to the Lord for softening my heart; I got home and decided to remove all worldly songs from my phone. I got stuck with three songs I really liked and all three were ed sheeran's song, just clean lyrics. I didn't want to delete them because I thought, there was nothing wrong with those songs. Just as most Christians tell themselves.  Then something asked me why I was keeping them? What was the reason and use for holding on to them? After listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit I deleted them immediately. I haven't listened to any worldly songs since then and I'm not dead.

You can also come out of it, don't listen to the voice of the devil saying you need it or you need to know the latest and trendy songs. There is a difference between listening to songs and hearing them. I choose what I want to listen to even though I hear different songs in the background. Let go of everything; don't hold on to Jesus Christ and at the same time hold on to worldly desires. 

[KJV] Luke 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ needs your undivided attention, He needs your hearts and minds to be solely His. Don't think of what you will miss because I assure you there is nothing you'll miss out from, make the decision today; and sing only to your maker don't have a divided heart. And I pray the Lord will give you the strength to overcome and become solely His as you make this decision in Jesus name. 

If you are struggling with this just humble yourself and cast your burdens on the alter of the burden bearer. Don't think if there is any use or if it is necessary or not, don't give the devil a chance to convince you otherwise. Note also that your enemy- the devil, is not foolish. He is full of dangerous and destructive wisdom. He was made perfect in beauty and wisdom (Ezekiel 28:12-15). He is now full of destructive wisdom. So don't give him a chance to give you a reason not to do what is right. He's after your destruction, Jesus Christ is after giving you eternal life. Go to Him He'll give you the strength to overcome and remove every appearance of the devil in your life and home.

Only those who are in Christ will come out victorious and triumph over the devil. If you are not, you can be grafted in by giving your life to Christ as you say this prayer:

The devil take more souls to hell through music than through any other means.

Irritate the devil today!

Friday, July 1, 2016

How Much Do You Know About Love?

[ESV] 1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth, Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

We must all be familiar with the above passage, it must have been preached in churches as sermons, in a gathering, during wedding ceremonies etc. But even though some might claim they haven't heard, read or come across this passage, I'm sure they've heard of the word Love before; they've confessed it truthfully or falsely to a person, they've been told of someone's love towards them... I'm sure you are getting the picture now.

To be honest the word Love is clearly over rated in the world today. People say it without the knowledge of what they mean. Most people have stopped saying it to others, because they don't feel the need to or majorly because they once loved and it left them shattered so the best they could do is avoid the word Love. Some even believe it doesn't exist or it isn't real. 

And I won't blame them for coming up with such conclusion, remember the devil is here to steal and destroy. He's here to steal the love, happiness etc that God has in store for you. 
The Bible tells us God is Love. 1John 4:16, 1 John 4:8. So if God is Love, how would you think Love doesn't exist? Now do one thing for me, scroll up to the first passage and read it all over again but now where you find the word Love replace it with God. Did it make sense to you?
The moment you stop seeing love as the intense feeling or attraction the world wants you to see it and start seeing Love as God, you'll be on to the first step in believing in God's Love for you.

God is patient with you because he Loves you, His patience is intended for you to turn away from your sin, God doesn't hold you according to the wrong that you do, instead he forgives you over and over again because that is Love, God is a righteous God, he is truthful and He's a just Judge, that is why he'll always fight your battles, God bears all things, the Scriptures says, Even if everyone is unfaithful he remains faithful, he doesn't punish us as our sins deserves, that is Love, Even when we are ungrateful to Him, he still gives us breath. What I love is Love does not insist on its own way. God would not force you to believe in Him I got this insight in the movie The Encounter (if you haven't seen it please do really!) God won't insist you follow him, he gives you a choice but hopes you make the right decision, he hopes you hear his voice when he calls. That is why Jesus said in [ESV] John 10:14 I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me.

Should I still go on?

God has faith in us, hoping we'll turn from our sinful ways and acknowledge Him, because he loves us that much. That is Love. Love is powerful and that is who God is amongst many other things. Until you believe in the Love he has for you, you won't be able to feel or see it.
A husband loves his wife dearly but if the wife doesn't believe in this Love the husband has for her she'll be insecure, there'll be lack of trust and many other factors which might lead to the failure of the marriage.

A relationship cannot work out without God in it; a marriage cannot work out without God in it. Why? Because God himself is Love, how can you claim to Love someone when the source of Love itself is absent. You see marriages fail or lead to divorce; you see relationships of 5 years, 2 years, 6 months or even 1 week end with break up. What was the reason? Betrayal, lack of trust, insecurity, fear etc name it.
Perfect Love casts out fear. A relationship or marriage involves three people and it's like a triangle; God at the top and the two people beneath. You can only grow to Love the other person if you grow closer to God. This isn't a point to be argued about. You keep God out of it; you keep Love out of it. All that is left is a bitter taste. Draw closer to Him so he'll direct your path, don't let the devil feed you with lies. God himself is Love. Don't be ignorant, [ESV] Hosea 4:6a My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; 

Part 2. Believe In God's Love For You.

It's possible to be in a relationship or marriage and totally trust your spouse. Forget what the world says. But it is only possible with God, and I'm not saying getting married in a church. Having God in your life and in everything you do. Because really you cannot trust man, man would fail (I'm not talking of the male species but both male and female because it's something that
we just do. Only God doesn't fail.

My mentor usually say, "Don't trust me but trust the God in me." That is the presence of God's spirit which would lead you to do what is right, you can only trust God's spirit in a human to make them not disappoint you...that's just what it means. 
Who says you can't have that perfect guy/husband or the perfect lady/wife? The world says it right? But I say you can. How? Because you have a Perfect God and like I stated earlier, having a man or a woman with the Spirit of God in them would make them perfect. The Holy Spirit is the source of the perfection.

I remember people saying, 'will love put food on the table?' When I was ignorant I believed in the above statement. Like seriously, how would you expect someone to wait on only Love. But now I can boldly answer and say Yes Love can put food on the table. Hope you don't want to ask me why. But ok let me answer some curious minds. Remember God is Love.

If He is Love why won't there be provision? Some marriages include both parties been stable financially but there is no trust, no peace and no happiness. I have seen people who would choose a stable family over riches. They aren't crazy; they know what it means to have a man who loves them even though there is no wealth 
The key to this true, genuine Life is Love God first; believe in His Love for you. Express your Love for him. Be wrapped within His Love, enjoy His Love and place no one above the Love you have for Him. Because the Bible says, [ESV] 1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

An Enclosed Mystery- The Package (Final)

The next day, she boarded a bus going directly to the area and arrived twenty minutes before Abdul Collectibles opened, waited on a bench and was first through the shop’s door when it was unlocked.

“Yes we handle this line,” a petite mid aged woman named Latifat said after listening to Temi’s succinct explanation and examining the porcelain dog. “And in fact I sold it myself just yesterday to a young guy.”

“Do you know his name?”

 “I’m sorry, no.”

“What did he look like.”

“I remember him well because of his height, six five, I’d say. He was quite well dressed, a coffee brown T shirt and a red tie. I think he was a student he kept receiving calls that lectures would soon start or something.”

“Did you hear anything else; the school, faculty or department anything/” I have to be sure we are even in the same school. She thought to herself.

“I heard him say: Unilag would not kill person and all this Bis Admin lecturers sef.”
 Temi was thrilled she was getting somewhere with her mystery admirer

“Did he pay cash?”

“Mmmm… no, I believed he used a credit card.”

“Would you still have the charge slip?”

 “Oh, yes it must have been transferred to the master ticket for deposit.” She led Temi past glass display cases filled with porcelains and other expensive items, to the cramped office at the back of the store. The suddenly she had a second thoughts about sharing her customer’s identity.

“If his intentions are innocent, if he’s just an admirer of yours and I must say there seemed to be no harm in him, he seemed quite nice then I’ll be spoiling everything for him.” Temi tried hard to charm the woman and win her sympathy; genuine tears sprang to her assistance, surprising her even more than they did Latifat. From the MasterCard slip she got his card number.
 She got home and made a call to the call center of the bank and pleaded with them after explaining her mystery. The man on the other end was nice enough to give her the name and phone number through a text on his personal line. Temi appreciated him and promised to be discreet about it. Within few seconds she dialed the number.


“Chinonzo Amara, this is Temi Alabi. Why have you been sending me packages with dogs figurine.” She asked impatiently.

“Because… Because.”

“I’m waiting.”

“How did you get my number? How did you find out it was me.”

 “That’s not important. What’s important is that I don’t know you, and yet I got a dog menagerie that you’ve been sending me, you come around in the middle of the night to leave them in front of my apartment, you follow me around and its been going on for weeks, so don’t you think its time I knew what the hell is going on?”

 “Well, sure, but I didn’t… wasn’t ready… didn’t think the time was right.”

“The time was right a week ago!” She heard herself scream.


“So tell me before I report you to the school authority.”

“I love you.”

“You love me? How can you love a person you’ve never even met?” she said mockingly.

 “I don’t know; but there it is, and I… uh… well, ummm, I have this feeling see, that I’ve got to spend the rest of my life with you.” Temi laughed hysterically.

“Listen Chibueze I don’t want you sending anymore dogs.”

“Well, see, I really want to send them.”

 “But I don’t want to receive them and I’ll send back all the ones you’ve sent me. If not I’ll report you. I know your name and your department, its just a matter of days before I get your matric number and you’ll be fished out.”

“I thought you like dogs.”

“I do like dogs.” She replied growing in anger. “I love dogs. I think dogs are cutest animals ever. Right now I even wish I were a dog you bite you off, but I don’t want your dogs understand?!” She dropped the call.

Few hours later, she had just had her lunch when her phone rang. She answered it on her bed. It was Chibueze.
 Speaking so rapidly that he ran his sentences in long gushes, he said.

“Please don’t hang up on me, you’re right. I’m stupid about these things, an idiot, but give me just one minute to explain myself. My name’s Chinonso Amara, but you know that. Am twenty-four and in my final year. I take night reading in the library that was how I came across your story about the dog in the school magazine, it was terrific, I loved it, a great story, really, so I searched for more issues you’d written, and I read it all, and a lot of it was good, damned good, not all of it, but a lot. I fell in love with you somewhere along the way, with the person I knew from her writing, because it was beautiful and so real. I even went further to search for you on Facebook wow you wouldn’t imagine how many Temi Alabi I found, after carefully checking each profile I finally found you and just like the magazine your wall was filled with your stories which made me love you more. One afternoon I was sitting there in the library reading one of your stories and this librarian was passing behind my chair, and she leaned over and asked if I liked the story, I said I did, and she said, ‘Well, the author’s right there, if you want to tell her it’s good,’ and there you were three tables away, I never knew you were as beautiful as your writing and there was no way I could approach you because I’ve always been tongue-tied and stumble footed around beautiful ladies. Because of your story, I thought I’d use the dogs, that whole secret admirer bit with the gifts, as a way to soften you up, and I planned to reveal myself after the third or fourth dog, I really did, but kept delaying I didn’t want to be rejected. I knew it was getting crazy but I couldn’t just stop it and forget you, yet I was unable to face you, either, and that’s it. I never meant you any harm, and didn’t mean to upset you or scare you, can you forgive me, I hope you can.”

 He stopped at last exhausted.


“So you go out with me?”
Surprised by her own response, she said , “Yes.”

“Tonight? Pick you up at six. I know a good restaurant not far from your place.”


After she hung up she stood for a while, staring at the phone. Finally she said aloud, “Temi, are you high?” Then she said, “But he told me my writing was ‘so beautiful and so real.’” She looked at the collections of dogs on her table. She said, “He’s inarticulate and silent one time, a blabber the next. He could be a psycho killer, Temi.” Then she said, “Yeah, he could be but he’s also a great literary critic.

This wraps the end of our mysterious Package.  Would I keep going with this plot...maybe, maybe not... we should see how their romantic lives turn out right? So this might not be the end of Temi and Chinonso.... Thanks for reading till the end!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

An Enclosed Mystery- The Package 2

When she returned from campus the following day her roommate was drinking garri on her bed.

“You got another one.’ She said pointing to a box at the corner. Temi tore open the elaborate wrapped package. The sixth dog was actually a pair of dogs- a chocolate and a packet of potato chips. She shared some with her roommates and placed the figurine on her reading table and for a long while sat on the edge of her bed, frowning at the growing collection.

At five o’clock that evening she called her best friend to come over to her campus. Now, after she listened to Temi’s story, Bimpe said, “So whats your problem Temi? Sounds to me like some tall, really cute shy ibo guy with nice hair has a crush on you. You know plenty girls go dey trip sha.”

“Is that what it is? Innocent crush? Plus how do you know he’s ibo sef?”

“Before nko, see you oh. Didn’t the bus boy say he was ibo? Moreover with the description you gave it’s only ibo boys that are light tall and cute na,” She laughed out, and then added

 “The ones I know ooh” responding to Temi’s raised eyebrows.

“I am serious here Bimpe it…makes me uneasy.”

 “Uneasy? Wait oh, all the dogs he sent are all cute shey? Abi any of them is a snarling dog or have a red paint indicating blood or they hold knife for hand?’

“He hasn’t sent you any beheaded dogs, has he?’

“No, but if he likes me why can’t he just come forward. I hate the mystery.”

 “Temi not every guy has the courage too, I’m just sure he’s just what he appears to be- a guy who admires you from a far and is frightened by your beauty.” Bimpe tickles her and she jumps up in response, “You need a guy in your life to spice up the romance. Unbend a little girl, relax and stop being a worrier. You watch too many NCIS and CIS. Flow with this, see where it goes.”

 “This is Nigeria for heaven’s sake how many guys have the brain to pull off such a stunt.” Temi said laughing.

“Let them hear you, just enjoy the dogs.”

"Ok ok, I will. I guess you right.”

“But, Temi?”


“Just for luck, from now on better carry a .357 Magnum.”

“Very funny.”

  During the following three days Temi received two more dogs, and by Saturday, the twenty-ninth, she was equally confused, angry and afraid. Surely no secret admirer would string the game out so long. There was a quality of obsession in the guy’s relentlessness.
 She received another box. She wanted to scream in frustration but she sat and opened the package. The other figurines had been inexpensive, no more than a thousand naira, some probably as cheap as five hundred, but the newest was an exquisite miniature porcelain that surely cost at least five thousand naira. However, she cared less about the dog and more interested in the sender. It was not plain as before, but imprinted with the name of the shop- Abdul Collectibles- in a big hotel about two miles from her. Jackpot she thought. 

*OK I think we are getting somewhere with this Finally!!! Enough with the mystery don't you agree with me?
If you missed the first part feel free to check on the blog
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Thursday, December 24, 2015


On Temi Alabi’s twenty-second birthday, January 19, she received a dog in a package and the box in which it came bore no return address and was enclosed. She opened it on the floor in her room and the sunlight glimmered pleasingly on the charming little figurine. The dog was ceramic, two inches tall sitting on a ceramic porch.
Two weeks earlier the campus literary magazine had published “Canine Extraordinary”, a short story of hers about dogs in a girl’s life and how it affected both her and her family. Only she knew that the piece was as much facts as fiction, thought someone intuited at least something of the true importance that the story had for her, because the tongue dropping dog was packed with extraordinary care.
No one would got to such trouble to protect a one thousand naira novelty figurine unless the packaging was meant to signify the sender’s perception of the depth of her emotional involvement with the events of “Canine Extraordinary”.
 Temi’s shared her off campus apartment with two other ladies in the university, at first she thought one of them had sent the dog but she was not close to either of them and they seemed unlikely candidates. Between her studies and her writing, she used up all the hours of the day devoted to sleeping watching movies or eating. She could not think of anyone who would have gone out of his way to buy the dog, packaged it, and send it anonymously.
The following days, she received the same package with ceramic dog in it, with different sizes and descriptions and the mystery deepened. One afternoon she went for lunch in one of the cafereria on campus that serves noodles. She went to order after sitting for some minutes and returned finally with a bottle of Fanta on a tray, she saw a ceramic dog on the table. She nearly dropped the tray in surprise. She looked over at a guy and a lady who sat right in front of her table and they were grinning at her, but they weren’t saying anything, so she said.
“You’ve been giving me dogs? But I don’t know you- do I?”
The guy said, ”Oh, you’ve gotten more of these, have you?"

 “This is the fourth. You didn’t bring this for me, did you? But it wasn’t here a few minutes ago. Who put it on the table?’

 He winked at his girlfriend and said to Temi, “You’ve got a secret admirer hun.”

 “Who?” Temi asked almost impatiently. 

 “The guy was sitting at that table over there.” The guy said, pointing across the room. The table was now empty; the busboy had just finished clearing away the dirty dishes. “Soon as you left to get your drink, he came and dropped it on the table.” he added.

The girl said, “You don’t really know who he is?’

 “No. What did he look like?”

 “Tall.” The guy said. “Quite tall with good physique. Nice hair.”

 “Nice eyes too.” His girlfriend said. 
Temi held the dog and walked over to the busboy and sought a better description of the dog giver.

 “He chop fried rice and jollof rice with salad and coke.” The boy said. “You no see am when he sidon for there?’

 “I didn’t notice him, no.”

 “Him be lepa, but not too lepa he get body small. He con wear Jeans, blue checkered shirt. He fine sha and e be like say he be ibo boy and he just they look your side but no fit talk anything.”

 "Do you know his name or department or did he mention it somehow?’
“No oh.”

 “Damn.” Temi said. She got home and found yet another plain white box on her doorstep. She opened it reluctantly. It contained a clear glass dog. 

*Yeah so sorry i ended it here, wouldn't want to drop it all down now would i? 
Who could this guy be anyways? What could he could want with Temi? Tell me what you think. Would write up the rest later stay connected * #smiles #hugs.

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Lets Talk About Sex by Pastor Joshua Okpara

Sex is something that we all know and if you claim to be a believer or a follower of christ then I think it is high time you knew the truth about Sex and not just the worldly meaning. There is Truth and The Truth, choose wisely

Lets Talk About Sex

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Not Too Young For Love - 5 love and heartbreaks are unforgettable. Would Vanessa get the courage to come out strong and prove the saying 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

A Faith To Hold- by kellyshor

A Faith To Hold

  He had put God to a test and in his mind God had failed. This is the story of Mark at fifteen he learns the true meaning of faith in this inspirational journey of heartbreak, hope, loss and grief. How would he get back up after the loss of his Father and brother. Go to link to find out